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Hello there old pal, we have actually missed you. After a short hiatus, the one-piece marvel is back with a makeover and better performance.Softball Bat Club is proud to introduce the 2016 Adidas Melee 2-the first entry into the senior softball market from global powerhouse Adidas.After almost a full year of researching, screening, tikering and refining, senior softball players have access to the ultimate in both efficiency and durability. Based upon the smashing success of the orginal Melee Legend, the Melee 2 takes the best design components from its predecessor and combines them with brand-new technologies for molding and layering high-performance composites.Available in 2 designs-balanced and packed-the Melee 2 provides crisp, consistent performance needed to optimize distance with a 44/375 ball. Skip the break in and go right to the plate with out of the wrapper pop and smooth feedback with every swing.Don’t risk your next tournament with last year’s old stick. Experience the current style and efficiency advances with the Adidas Melee 2. Features End loaded design for more power.Composite construction for unrivaled efficiency and durability.Designed with among the greatest strength material ratios on the market.No Warranty.Approved for play in USSSA, MEDICAL SPA and other 1.21 BPF leagues.

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