Akadema ACE70 Fastpitch Series Glove


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13″ slim pattern, B-hive web with Akadema Pro’s Grasp-Clasp Wrist System. The Grasp Clasp locks a girl’s hand in the glove to ensure correct catching mechanics. The ACE 70 quick pitch glove was created for a woman or girls hand offering small and thin fingerstalls, easy burglary, and a shorter distance between the thumb and index finger. This design provides the glove the appearance and feel of a smaller glove. It likewise leads to a more workable glove than any 13″ glove on the market. Right or Left Hand Toss


  • 13″ pattern
  • B-hive web
  • Open back
  • Deep pocket
  • Right-hand man throw is for your Left-hand and Vice versa
Akadema ACE70 Fastpitch Series Glove

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