ATEC M1 Single Wheel Baseball Training Machine


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The M1 is the highest performing and most durable 1-wheel pitching machine. It’s built using the same technology, processes and materials as ATEC’s other industry leading pitching machines. Similar to the M3 professional level pitching machine, the M1 is also equipped with a dual-durometer concave wheel. This wheel is engineered to increase the wheel’s grip on the ball which maximize both pitch speed and accuracy. The M1 is portable and powerful, designed to be the workhorse on the field and in the batting cage. It’s capable of throwing fastballs up to 70mph, as well as right and left-handed curveballs, with any ball type, including real baseballs.


  • Compatible for use with regulation leather baseballs as well as dimple and foam machine baseballs
  • Concave wheel treads increase ball grip and maximize pitch accuracy
  • Dual durometer wheel hubs increase maximum pitch speed and minimize recovery time
  • Quick Change Tilt System allows you to change the throwing hand and axis-of-rotation of pitched balls
  • Durable steel frame and wide base tripod absorb machine recoil for maximum accuracy. ABS wheel guards help protect the operator and the machine wheels
ATEC M1 Single Wheel Baseball Training Machine

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