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Product Description”It’s unbelievable. We’re seeing eight to 10 bats break every video game. Guys are coming back saying they struck the ball on the sweet area and it still broke.” This quote caught our President, Lynn C. Thompson’s attention. It’s from an article in the Los Angeles Times describing how frequently baseball bats break and almost injure the gamers in significant league video games. The short article narrated the debate presently raging among players over which bat is better, those made from ash, which is lighter and a little versatile, or those made from maple which is much heavier and stiffer. As he read, Lynn started to think there might be a market for a baseball bat that just could not be broken. What kid, let alone an adult, would not want a solid bat? Now Cold Steel is proud to offer you our first forays into the manufacturing of athletic equipment, the Brooklyn Smasher and the Brooklyn Crusher. Due to the fact that they’re accuracy injection formed out of heavy-grade polypropylene, these bats simply can’t be broken. There’s no requirement to fret about fragments of wood flying in your face. No matter what you hit or how hard you swing them, they just won’t break. And they’re durable too, they won’t rot, fracture, or splinter, or even fade. You can treat them as approximately as you select. You needn’t stress about dirt or the weather condition impacting them either because they’re impervious to the elements and tidy up with soap and water. Attempt that with a wood bat and you may harm it.Amazon.comAfter checking out

a short article about how frequently baseball bats break during competitive play– costing money, and sometime causing injury– Cold Steel President Lynn Thompson asked his group to create an indestructible bat. The result was the Brooklyn Crusher, an artificial polypropylene bat that will never break, rot, crack, splinter, or fade. Smasher can be utilized as a competition bat, for batting practice, and even at-home self defense. Requirements 29-inch length Two-pound, one-ounce weight Resilient polypropylene product Guarantee All

  • Cold Steel items are called for against defects in
  • products and craftsmanship. Information

    are included with your purchase. About Cold Steel Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980, with the goal of making the strongest, sharpest flatware worldwide for knife lovers. Over
    the last three-plus years, the company has been at the leading edge of many design developments that have helped innovate the knife market, consisting of introduction of checked Kraton manages, and the tanto point blade designs which have actually become market hallmarks of quality and elegance. Functions Thickness: 1 1/2″Handle: 2 1/4″Suggestion General Length: 29″Product: Polypropylene Almost unbreakable baseball bat, made of durable polypropylene Will never break, rot, crack, splinter, or fade Can be used as competition bat, for batting practice,

  • and even at-home self-defense 29-inch length and two-pound, one-ounce weight; resilient polypropylene product Includes minimal manufacturer’s warranty; information consisted of with purchase Cold Steel 92BSS Brooklyn Bats, Crusher

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