Dudley Legend Balanced SSUSA Slowpitch Bat


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Dudley Legend Balanced SSUSA Slowpitch Bat

The new SSUSA® Approved Softball Bats feature innovative Grip Spin™ Technology which can provide longer shots to the outfield. Grip Spin is an advancement engineered into your bat barrel that allows the barrel surface to “grip” the ball on a cut swing and increase it’s spin revolutions. This can cause the ball to rise higher, stay in the air longer, and result in longer distance hits. If you are looking for maximum distance, then Grip it and Spin it! This balanced loaded bat is for hitters who use bat speed to drive the ball.

• Senior Softball USA Approved.
• Fully certified to the 1.21 BPF.
• Engineered with Dudley’s Innovative GRIP SPIN TECHNOLOGY to maximize the ball’s flight characteristics and distance.
• Fusion Composite Barrel Design allows maximum performance combined with extraordinary durability hit after hit.
• Fusion Composite Handle Design is engineered to maximize your handle stiffness and control vibration.
• Equipped with the Dudley tackified bat grip providing Softball Serious comfort and control.
• The Dudley Lightning Bolt End Cap helps with rotating your bat to get the maximum life out of the barrel.

Bat Specifications
Drop: $size$
Barrel: 13″ barrel
Certified: SSUSA, 1.21 BPF
Barrel Load: Balanced
Material: Composite
Construction: One-piece
Grip: Tackified Bat Grip
Warranty: No Warranty

Available Sizes: $size$


  • Advanced Players Series
  • Fusion Composite Design
  • Grip Spin Technology
  • Insane Durability
Dudley Legend Balanced SSUSA Slowpitch Bat

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