Markwort CATCH-TEK Catcher?s Protective Inner Forearm Sleeves


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Catcher’s wear Catcher’s Protective Inner Forearm Sleeves to protect the vulnerable areas of the inner forearms. Comfortable and lightweight Lycra Spandex sleeves have padded pillows that provide a buffer zone from stray balls. Worn for practice or during a game, the sleeves offer an effective layer of protection from bruises and other possible arm injuries. Form-fitting sleeves slide on quickly and easily and allow catcher’s plenty of freedom of movement. Designed by college baseball coaches to protect a catcher’s inner forearms and wrists when blocking the ball. Spin the sleeves around and wear during hitting to protect the lead elbow. Excellent for both baseball and softball. Patent pending


  • Lycra Spandex Sleeves with padded pillows
  • For both baseball and softball
  • Black
  • Comes in pairs

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