Mizuno 2014 Pro Limited Edition Pitchers Baseball Glove Gmp100bk Tartan 4

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Think you know top of the line gloves? Think again. Mizuno is proud to introduce THE HIGHEST QUALITY ball gloves to ever hit the market, the Pro Limited Edition Series. Don’t let the price of these gloves scare you, because they’re worth every penny. For the Pro Limited Edition Series, Mizuno uses Deguchi Kip Leather that is soft, supple, strong, and ready to impress. This leather is characterized by having tighter fibers and has been through a proprietary tanning process that perfectly conditions the leather so that it is stronger than any Mizuno ever created. When you slip this glove on to your hand, you’ll immediately notice a sensation of softness and comfort that is provided by the Shika Palm Liner – an elite deerskin palm liner that provides the ultimate feel. Mizuno also introduces a new technology called Speed Drive with the release of the Pro Limited Edition Series. Speed Drive Technology perfectly balances each glove based on where it will be used in the field to provide players the fastest reaction time and best response possible. This is achieved through lighter thumb, pinky, and heel construction, while reinforcing the index, middle, and ring fingers. It is truly genius craftsmanship. Each glove is impressed with a Limited Edition stamp that is adorned with the name of the master craftsman that designed your glove. Mizuno stands behind this glove as one of the greatest to ever hit the field, and that’s why they are offering an off-season conditioning program. Mizuno is offering a one-time repair and recondition of your Pro Limited Edition glove to return it to its original glory! It just doesn’t get any better than this. Mizuno: Never Settle.


  • 12.00″ Pitcher Glove
  • Tartan 4 Web
  • Speed Drive Technology – The gloves have a perfectly balanced position to provide the fastest reaction and best response possible.
  • Deguchi Kip Leather – Tighter fibers and proprietary tanning provides perfectly conditioned leather that is stronger than previous Mizuno Pros.
  • Shika Palm liner – Elite deerskin palm liner that provides the ultimate soft feel.


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