Rawlings Bucket with 2 Dozen ROLB3 Baseballs


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Enjoy casual baseball games with Rawlings Authorities League Recreational Container. The 24 baseballs come in a white plastic pail for easy transport and storage. Designed for recreational use, each baseball is durably made with a strong cork and rubber center and an artificial leather cover. The baseball bucket includes the main Big league logo together with the Rawlings spot. Rawlings baseballs are the # 1 choice of leagues, coaches, parents, and gamers in North America, assisting ambitious professional athletes play like the pros.


  • 24 OLB3 baseballs in a pail for hassle-free transportation
  • Suitable for recreational use
  • Solid cork and rubber centers and synthetic leather covers
  • Durable white pail consists of MLB logo and Rawlings patch
  • The # 1 choice of leagues, coaches, moms and dads, and gamers in North America


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