Rawlings PRO315-6BW

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New for the 2016-17 baseball season! Rawlings is switching things up and has developed the limited edition Heart of the Hide with Color Sync series. The primary difference in between this series and the standard Heart of the Hide is the colored patches that sync up with the external shell for a wonderful overall look. The world-renowned sturdiness stays unmatched with this style as the leather that is utilized for each glove is cut from the leading 5% of the center on the steer hides Rawlings has readily available. Laced together by the Tennesse Tanning Rawhide results in unparalleled sturdiness and strength. Not only will you be getting among the most reputable and reliable gloves out there however the padded palm, padded thumb loops, and deer-tanned cowhide lining provide first-class convenience and extra protection during impact. Additionally, each model offers a 40% factory burglary so that the player break-in period is not overbearing. These patterns are modeled after the game-day patterns of some the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players, consisting of big names like Troy Tulowitzki and Kyle Seager. Worn by a number of Gold Glove Award winners, the Heart of the Hide baseball glove has been the foundation of those deemed “The Finest in the Field” and are now offered to elite ball gamers seeking to enhance and define their defensive achievement. Rawlings: Leave Your Mark! This 2017 Rawlings Heart of the Hide Color Sync Baseball Glove (PRO315-6BW) features an 11.75-inch pattern, a Pro H Web, and a distinct black external shell with a white color sync spot. We’re here for you from Click To Capture!.


  • 11.75 Inch Pattern
  • Genuine Professional Pattern
  • Burglary: 60% Gamer, 40% Factory
  • White Color Sync Spot
  • Colorway: Black/ White
Rawlings PRO315-6BW

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