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When RIP-IT began developing their helmet they were surprised to see just how couple of choices players had. All of the helmet/face guard combinations were huge, large, and uncomfortable. Did they safeguard you while striking? Yes. Did they make you a better player? Not actually. The problem seemed to be that not a single helmet was designed with the needs of softball players in mind. When RIP-IT set out to create a helmet they targeted what players and parents desired in a batting helmet, which was for it to fit ideal, be lightweight, and use an unblocked view of the ball. We all remember growing up and hearing time and once again, “keep your eye on the ball.” Vision enables you to do this better than any other product out there. This is since Vision is the first helmet constructed around designing a better face guard. The result is seeing every pitch, each time, no matter where it is thrown. Vision likewise includes Blackout Technology into its face guard. Blackout Innovation eliminates 100% of the glare coming off the face guard and helps you concentrate on the ball so you can hit like never ever in the past. Engineered with double density foam, this helmet goes beyond NOSCAE Standards while using a comfy, lightweight, secure fit even while running. The Vision Pro likewise comes with moisture-management wrapped pads, which wick away sweat, as well as 21 tactically put air vents. The result? A helmet that you don’t even understand you’re wearing. If that’s insufficient, each Vision Pro is backed with a $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy, which will assist cover your medical costs in the (seriously unlikely) event of an oral or nose injury from a softball striking the fielder’s mask. They can be found in a variety of particular sizes and team colors. Find yours today!


  • RIP-IT VISION PRO -With our advanced dual-density foam, this helmet boasts remarkable defense and convenience in an ultra-lightweight plan. The Vision Pro offers you with an uninhibited field of vision.SEE MORE, DO
  • MORE – The RIP-IT Vision Pro includes Blackout Innovation, which is like eye-black for your equipment, just better. This assists get rid of glare from the sun and will assist you see the ball like never before.LOADED WITH FEATURES
  • -Engineered with dual density foam, this helmet goes beyond NOSCAE Standards. The Vision Pro likewise comes with moisture-management covered pads, which wick away sweat, along with 21 strategically put air vents.RIP-IT DEFENSE QUALITY -At RIP-IT, we comprehend that group sports
  • are an integral part of confidence structure and assistance supply women with the skills they need to be effective. We make quality products that honor this commitment.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS- Package includes(1)RIP-IT Vision Pro Softball Away Color Helmet with Face Guard.Eliminates glare by
  • using Blackout Technology Light-weight and open design to make the most of vision Has actually twenty-one tactically placed air vents to keep gamers cool Functions a ponytail port to keep gamers comfy with any hairstyle Moisture management
  • padding to ensure dryness

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