Soft Hit Practice Baseballs


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Soft HIT practice baseballs don’t hurt like plastic or hard balls; no need for L screens. They won’t dent cars, break scoreboards, or damage bats. Soft HIT training baseballs can be hit thousands of times. The raised red laces make it easy for pitchers to throw and batters to recognize breaking balls.

Soft HIT baseballs are fun to use. They can be used anywhere (indoors or out), at any time, and in any weather. Soft HIT practice balls are for players of all ages and abilities.

Soft HIT practice balls can be used for live pitching, soft toss, tee work, and fielding drills. They can also be used in many pitching machines.


  • Soft. Safe. Durable. 12 balls per package.
  • 9″ circumference
  • ~1.25 ounces/ball
  • White with raised red laces
  • Squeezable
Soft Hit Practice Baseballs


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