Zooka: AL-1 Autoloader “Attachment”


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The Al-1 Automatic Ball Feeder connects to any of your Zooka brand name pitching machines to offer you with unparalleled solo batting practice. This handy attachment is managed and powered by the pitching device it is hooked up to. It holds up to 16 baseballs or 18 tennis balls and provides a ball roughly every 6.5 seconds. The ball feeder can pitch at a horizontal level or will tilt to pitch as much as 20 degrees. It is compact and portable and enables training in the house plate.


  • Connects to all Zooka pitching makers
  • Immediately feeds balls for all Zooka pitching machines
  • Controlled and powered by the pitching device
  • Pitch interval around 7 seconds
  • Pitch angles from horizontal to 20


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